Combine the benefits, power and familiarity of Microsoft Excel and Power Point with Chart | BI Functionalities to turn your data in meaningful and interactive Charts and stunning Dashboards.

Customize with corporate images

Thanks to a simple and intuitive interface you can customize your charts and add pictures to them.

Add audio and text annotations

You can create your comments directly on the charts and share them.

Insert customized legends

You will be able to manage the legends of the charts, choosing position, size, color and much more.

Animate chart’s items

Thanks to CHART | BI you can create simple animations with charts, amazing your audience.

Automatic export to PowerPoint

Create Data StoryTelling in Power Point by automatically exporting the entire chart or its individual items.

A user friendly interface for everyone

Intuitive and fully integrated with Microsoft Office, CHART | BI is the ideal tool to familiarize yourself with Excel and create personalized charts in just few steps.


A free library with more than 50 charts

CHART | BI also communicates with PowerPoint

You can export automatically the chart’s series in different slides and animate the individual elements to create attractive presentations.