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Combine the benefits, power and familiarity of Microsoft Excel and Power Point with Chart | BI Functionalities to turn your data in meaningful and interactive Charts and stunning Dashboards.
Also, Charts and Data Visualization tools are useful in order to transform your data in valuable insight. Discover all the innovative functionalities to create Data Story Telling and Dashboards

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  • Dashboard & KPI?s

  • Interactive Data Exploration

    Interactive Data Exploration

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    Data Story Telling

  • Smart Layout

    Smart Layout

  • Data Connection and Analysis

    Data Connection and Analysis

  • Charts Library

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Our goal is to give you the chance to create eloquent and expressive Charts with tools that are simple to use but, at the same time, really effective. The functionalities of our products combine with Excel and Power Point strong points in order to enhance Business Data Visualization.

Ad Hoc Charts & Dashboard

We developed an innovative and effective technology to easily create any type of data visualization. If you wish to create a chart or dashboard specifically developed for your needs (either technically either in terms of layout), you can contact us for a free evaluation.


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